What is 3Dscolio brace?

It is: Innovative, Effective, Attractive, Airy and light

3DScolio brace provides an individual high-tech solution for scoliosis therapy, custom-made brace for an individual patient.

The 3DScolio brace is printed on a 3D printer in FDM technique out of biocompatible materials, with absolutely no waste in the production, thus making this technology completely „green“.
For example, the brace can be produced for patients who either come to us, or for patients from all over the world, on the basis of a 3D scan or 3Dscolio measurement-form. Contact us for more details!

Due to an innovative system of pressure pads and reinforcements in combination with perforations, we achieve a combination of corrective forces and open design that is effective, but also very pleasant to wear, especially important in long-term brace wear and hot/humid weather. Therefore, 3DScolio brace is not only very effective, but also light and airy and comes in different colours for the patient to choose from. As patient compliance is crucial in successful scoliosis treatment, all these factors put together additionally support the patient in wearing the brace as proscribed.
We know that spines change and children grow, 3DScolio brace can be easily adjusted by a technician according to therapeutical needs using classic techniques.

There are various possibilities for co-operation, contact us to find out which model suits your needs best!