About us

Our team has over 20 years of experience in scoliosis management. In our every-day work with patients and colleagues we apply modern techniques in bracing and patient approach and support. Using our experience, we are permanently looking for improvements and new solutions which could further develop quality of the spinal braces, to make them more effective, but also more comfortable for the patients. The combination of 3D scanners and 3D printers, as well as our expertise, makes it possible to produce a high-tech corrective spinal brace for patients from all over the world, or to offer medical/technical solutions for professionals according to their expertise or local situation.

From physicians, certified prosthetists and orthotists (German Meister), to physical therapist with Schroth licence, we are at your disposal for additional questions and custom-made solutions whether you are a patient, a parent, a clinic or an orthopaedic workshop/company.

Service Fabrication and ordering

Digitalization has entered every pore of life and also our work, offering us new possibilities and variations to better serve our patients. But, adjustments and new skills are necessary.

3DScolio offers various possibilities to integrate these new methods into your daily routine and patient care procedures.

No matter if you are already scanning and rectifying your patient on screen, or you are contemplating about starting with digitalisation: Please do not hestiate to contact us, we can discuss your needs, experiences and preferences and accompany you on the way of digitalization.

As an international provider for individual 3d printed (medical grade) braces, our specialty is the ability to create solutions to individual requests of our customers.

Make digitalization and 3D printing a new opportunity for your business to grow and your exellence in patient care to increase.

We also offer training and coaching for the topic of trunk orthotics, may it be basic knowledge or intensive trainig, for freshmen or insituations when knowledge was lost due to change of personel or staff shortage. 30 years of teaching give us an immense experience in enabling the swift change from knowledge to practical application of any team.

If you need assistance for uploading your files and data please follow this link